2016 Classes

Saturday April 30, 2016

  • EnVogue- CANCELLED
    AM 9 - 12:30 (Includes a small gel kit)
    Learn how to create a beautiful natural looking nail sculpting on forms.
    Building extensions with en Vogue's unique modeling resins allows you to
    customize various styles for each specific client.  Whether you want to
    create a classic french look or add beautiful color to your nails, watch
    Joanne sculpt these designs to "perfection!" Please brings lights and tools that you want to use.

    PM 1:30 - 5 (Includes a small gel kit)
    Keep your application fast and simple.  Learn to use this medium viscosity
    gel that has a perfect cream like consistency which levels out to eliminate
    excess filing.  Strong, yet durable, this product is perfect for tips,
    overlays and fills.  In addition to these applications, watch how Joanne can
    create fun, yet quick nail art designs with our new "Simply Decals!"Please brings lights and tools that you want to use.


    Atwood E- file class- Tricks of the TradeSOLD OUT
    9am -5 pm Saturday 4/30/2016

    ATWOOD INDUSTRIES, in association with Nicole Knight, presents this electric filing workshop that has something for everybody, from novice to seasoned professional.  Nicole will show you some “tricks of the trade” guaranteed to help each attendee with speed, efficiency, and quality of work.  Nicole will help each individual with their own issues and discuss those areas that seem to bother the majority of nail techs across the board.  Each attendee will file a set of nails with Atwood’s new bits and learn the best ways to improve their own individual game.  Pedicures will also be incorporated into this workshop and Nicole will demonstrate some new ways to help each person master their trade. A mere $200.00  is the cost for this realm of knowledge you will aquire. In addition you will recieve $50.00 in premium Atwood product. Please contact bruce@atwoodindustries.net to register. Space is limited to 12 lucky people.

Lauren Wireman
Wildflowers Nail Academy

To Register: 

EMi   Jennifer Wirth  Saturday 4/30/2016 SOLD OUT

Morning Class- Start Set

Afternoon class- Textures

Choose to pay $350 for both classes and save $65. On the drop down list at the following link pick the last one! http://www.thenailnana.us.com/2016-events.html

  • Class 1-MORNING-Start Set-You will receive everything you need to accomplish many types of designs with the E.Mi nail art gels.Start Set of materials for a demanded nail master. Ekaterina Miroshnichenko has included the latest products for everyday work of a nail master.

It is a multifunctional asset. With the help of this set you can make all main coatings – classic coating from cuticle to the free nail edge, French and lunar manicure, ombre and decorate them with different details – lace, casting, glitter dust and original stylized painting.
Material + skill in a set! Due to minibook with 5 detailed master classes included, you can copy legendary nail designs, make your own variants and realize the customers' desire.
this is a fantastic set to start with you get brushes,top gel, foil,glitter dust, baroque gold and silver openwork Empasta, iconic classic colors including Black tulip for foil decorations.
Jennifer will guide you through the design book and introduce you to the tips for successful completion of the designs. This is a full size kit and a $110 value. So little is used on each design you will have enough to take home and create 100's of nails with this set. Class price 195.00 includes full size kit a 150.00 value

  •  Class 2- AFTERNOON-Textures-You will receive 2 paint collections=The long-awaited new product! Gel paints collection EMPASTA Fashion Texture and the kit Moulding and Modeling. You get 2 added brushes and a E.MiLac tackless top gel. and a free E.Mi logo palette plus you will use other items from my kit to complete nails and try other products.

Textures variety: a new line of tackless gel paints EMPASTA Fashion Texture is for the most demanded E.Mi-manicure, based on the contrast of matte and glossy one-colour surface. Slight relief and textures variety perfectly match any accessories. 
Convenient package: a pint-size box leaves space at a working place.
The most popular colours of the season in a set! There are classical beige tones Business Lady, Casual Chic, stylish pink Time to Dream, cool azure Arctic Frost and trendy mint Must-have.
Nail design set Moulding Modelling is a wonderful four-item kit for a stylish nail design.
The best mixture: having mixed Gel Liquid Stones with EMPASTA Baroque Gold or EMPASTA Openwork Silver you will be able to create faster and easily high thin and exquisite Moulding Modelling.
A convenient package: a pint-size pencil case for brushes keeps your materials with comfort on your working place.
In class 2 we will be learning the knit nail, reptile in several variations, how to mix liquid stone and empasta for 3-d gel designs, UNIQUE embellishments with liquid stone and you will get to see how to incorporate other items into your designs .So little is used on each design you will have enough to take home and create 100's of nails with this set.Comes with kit . Class price 220.00 includes kit a 180.00 value. Free E.Mi logo palette and nail tip display disc.


  • Things to bring to each class: LED lamp, extension cord, table lamp,paper towels ,design tips to work on. Files, buffers, alcohol(cleanser)


Jennifer, the NailNana  thenailnana@yahoo.com  E.Mi USA authorized reseller of Emischool Ru products  Skype: thenailnana   1- 608-553-1329 www.thenailnana.us.com

Elite Beauty Supply- Amy Gustafson 
All Day 8:30am - 5pm Saturday 4/30/2016
Invigorate and Elevate your skills with Amy Gustafson of Elite Beauty Supplies. This class is a full day of hands on learning! We will start off the class learning the infinite possibilities of mixing and creating your own customizable colours that will increase profits and save you money. We will then quickly jump into salon art, learning how to create your own stunning designs to make your nails stand out from the ordinary! The remainder of the class will be designated for 3D Art to further enhance your designs! Everything from quick and easy 3D, attaching jewelry to making your own, along with 3D gel and acrylic designs! You will learn when to take advantage of the using either gel or acrylic. Suitable for beginners and those with experience, this is a fun filled class you won’t want to miss!!

180.00 with over $100 in product included!

Things to bring: UV lamp, (extension cord), gel/acrylic/art brushes, tweezers & dappen dish


Sunday May 1, 2016

Famous Names - IBX Certification

IBX Certification Course  9:30 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 3:30

Become a certified IBX technician with this three-hour certification course. Develop your understanding of what IBX is and does, and learn about the science and chemistry to better serve yourself and your clients. You will meet the product line, experience an in-depth demo and then master your IBX technique in a hands-on learning environment. Learn and practice more advanced techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday services at the salon.

 You'll also be coached on best practices for salon marketing. Through examples and strategy discussion, you'll learn how to introduce the product to your customers and make IBX a gotta-have-it service.

At the end of three knowledge-filled hours, take The IBX Exam. Pass it and receive your official IBX certification.

Course Details:

- Purchase of the IBX Starter Kit (IBX Duo Pack, Lumos Duo Pack and 1/2 oz Dadi'Oil) is required for course registration. 

- You will need to bring your own heat source (it can just be a hair dryer!), UV/LED lamp, prep products, files, and cleanser.

- Please have bare nails on the day of the course, or bring a model.

contact Marti regarding the certification course please email :marti@famousnamesproducts.com  or call 858.779.1513

The purchase of an IBX Starter Kit $65.00 is required to attend the class.


Be Creative

Sunday May 1, 2016 2pm -6 pm

Sandy Borges

Quick and Easy Designs...design ideas and marketing techniques to quickly add $$ to your service. Using Be Creative pigments, medium, the nail art pen, and paints to add detail to your designs.
Products will be available to use to create designs.
Please bring brushes, pen, and paper.

Class cost: $50 includes a small class kit
Please sign up through PayPal sandymcombs@gmail.com

Crystal Nails

Classic Mully

Mixed Media Nail Art & Jewelry Class 

Sunday May 1, 2016 2pm-7pm

All product to be used during class is included

This class is going to be a fast-paced moderate-level art class;fine art techniques combined together to make one of a kind nails. 5 hours of hands on training, class size is limited to 15

$100 for licensed professionals $75 for students 

Payments will be made through PayPal  by selecting one of the options below:

Licensed professionals www.paypal.me/classicmully/100

Students www.paypal.me/classicmully/75

What you may learn: One stroke and gel painting, Swarovski clusters  (learn the big bling stacks), Extreme 3D ,rose jewelry Builder gel to emphasize dimension, Metallic and gel embossing  with Sugaring effect (but with a twist)

You will leave this class with 5-7 nail art and jewelry pieces to display in the salon so your clients and co-workers can admire your work.

 what you will need to bring:

Table lamp, Uv/led lamp,Table towel to protect work area and paper towels, Misc stamping items (yes, stamping lol! Please bring your favorite stamper, plates and a couple stamping polishes),Extension cord,Crystal Nails brushes:  0 short, 0 long,     Mini acrylic 3D brush (x2!), One Move 1+ or II

                 Products we will be going over, provided for use in class:

Royal Gel,CrystaLac gel polish,Foil gel & extreme foils,ChroMe Metallic Gel Polish,Builder gels,Colored Acrylic Powders & monomer,,Art Gels and/or One Move Paint.For questions & inquires please contact Classic Mully at: ClassicMully@ClassicMully.comText or leave a voice message at 415.525.2033

Monday May 2 

 Masterworks Gel 

Amy Becker and Maria Martin

Monday May 2,2016  9am - 12pm - Masterworks Balanced Gel Application/Troubleshooting/Tip & Tricks  $75

Learn the Masterworks by Amy Becker original technique to apply gel quickly while maintaining the area in a fraction of the time it takes most gel techs. Masterworks Masterfill is a low/no heat gel that is stronger than acrylic and has its "auto-correct" feature built in! 
We'll also review the best, easiest ways to fix lifting, do repairs, and address sealant issues that can arise during and after your clients' gel services. 

Earn your Masterworks Excellence Certificate by taking both Masterworks classes!

"This class is like one big light bulb." - Jules D. @ The NW Nail Tech Retreat October, 2015

1pm - 4 pm - Distinctive Masterworks Art/Design  $75

Take your nails to the next level with time-saving yet dazzling 3D art techniques using Masterworks Paints and Encasement techniques. From classic floral and line designs to brilliant, multi-dimensional show-stoppers, Learn the tips tricks and best tools to bring stunning and distinctive designs to life. 

Earn your Masterworks Excellence Certificate by taking both Masterworks classes! 
to register :

 click on classes/events tab

Lauren Wireman

Wildflowers Nail Academy 

Monday May 2, 2016

To Register:


Monday May 2, 2016 Magnetic Nail Designs

Nadja Freund

TO REGISTER CLINK HERE --www.nadjabeauty.com

Monday May 2, 2016 -LCN- Barefoot

9am- 3 pm

You will leave this class with an acute awareness of who your potential Barefoot clients can be, the confidence for proper application, and the integrity knowing you are performing a service to your clients which will not only bring you $$$ in your pedicure chair, but change the way your clients looks at their feet! This is a game changer! 

LCN Barefoot is a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail correction made possible by the develop-ment of modern corrective materials. Barefoot is highly effective for the treatment of toenails right in your own salon or spa. As the beauty industry’s #1 pedicure restoration gel, Barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result. 

As the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic, light-curing, one-component pedicure resin, Barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic re-sult. Barefoot contains the ingredient Piroctone Olimine, a proven anti-mycotic substance that is time- released to keep working, even after the product is cured. Due to the flexibility of Barefoot, the product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural. Available in five shades: clear, pink, opal, pastel, and our camouflage colour cool pink. Barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails.

Our hands-on training includes:

  • Proper Diagnosis of suitable candidates 
  • Proper Prep and Sanitization
  • Application for Cosmetic Purpose
  • Application for Corrective Purpose
  • Proper Maintenance

You will leave this class knowing:

  • How to add $50-$125 in 15 minutes
  • Bootcamp style training on how to achieve application in that 15 minute timeframe
  • How to increase or develop your referral relationships with local podiatrists
  • New techniques specifically designed to create a natural looking prosthetic toenail

Class Fee $159 (includes kit) with certification* 

Class kit includes: Connex Silver Plus, 5ml; Barefoot-pastel, 5ml; PediSeal-clear, 5ml; FM Pearl White F, 5ml; Connex Brush; Flat Gel Brush. Also included in your training kit are Soft Landing  Towel/Wipes, Curette Swabs, Cleaner, Super Shine Cleaner and Pink Pearl Gloves (2).

Attendees must bring UV/LED Light Unit, Table Lamp, Implements and Files



Monday May 2, 2016 


Keith Grader for  FOOTLOGIX  and Yuliya  Normand global artist for ENTITY BEAUTY 


Keith Grader : FOOTLOGIX  9-11am   

This class is where pedi meets medi

This seminar will bring you insights into what living longer, changing lifestyles and increased incidences such as Diabetes can mean for Foot Care Specialists and their patients today. This class also offers the technician product knowledge on Footlogix Pediceuticals, the Wellness Pedicure and how it can increase your revenue stream.Keith brings a wealth of knowledge to KvG Group / Footlogix: with over twenty years of experience in sales, sales management, training, marketing and business development, Keith has achieved consistently successful results from diverse facets of  the UA health & beauty aids industry.Class includes 2 sided stainless steal file & Callus softening spray   Class fee is $ 50.00

Yuliya Normand : ENTITY BEAUTY 12-5

   Join the revolution of high end acrylic system. Learn sculpting skills from the best ! Traditional pink and whites will always be in and this year especially... Yuliya been around the word teaching the best techniques of proper application.

Yuliya Normand, Entity Global ArtistNorth Port, FLYuliya has over 14 years of experience in nail industry, specializing in sculpted gel nails and custom bridal designs. She has extensive education in Eastern Europe and United States. Yuliya has Master Degrees in English and French and has worked in teaching. Becoming an Entity Educator gives her an excellent opportunity to combine her passion for both teaching and nails. Yuliya believes that any investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. She never misses an opportunity to learn and stay on top of the newest technologies. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and skill with the others, helping them to become better nail professionals. Yuliya's goal is to professionally grow with Entity Beauty and inspire nail artists all over the world to improve in their careers by setting her own example. Class includes : success liquid, pink & white powder, nubond & natural nail prep.   Check out her work for on Instagram -   Life.of.nailartist Class fee $55.00 

Do both classes for $99 Contact Lenzi Brock at   360.607.2093     got.nailed@hotmail.com   to make payment (All major CC accepted )


Monday May 2, 2016 EZ Flow- With Ali Baker

“Perfecting pink and whites and structure”

EZFlow’s Global Brand Ambassador and current Nailpro cup champion Allie Baker will walk you through the steps to achieving a beautiful set of pink and white nails.  It all matters.  From smile lines to structure and filing. Learn the techniques to set your pink and whites a step above. 

Class includes

Q- Monomer 4 oz

HD White Powder .75 oz

HD Pink Powder .75 oz

HD Cover Pink Powder. 75 oz

Bond-It-On Gel Bonder .5 oz

Pro file sample pack

508 Brush

Dampen Dish 

EzFlow Apron

Need to bring 

Extension cord

Table towels 

Acrylic brush

Table light

Led lamp

Please come with one hand free to work on.

Educator; Allie Baker

Price $75.00  

For registration contact; 

Deborah Vallejo at  d-vallejo@aiibeauty.com  or

323-728-2999 ext 210

Monday May 2, 2016 -IBD- With Nikki Payton 1pm-5pm

Get the Look Using ibd Traditional Hard Gels 

Learn innovative application techniques and business building skills using ibd products. Our knowledgeable Nikki Payton Global Educator will instruct you on how to properly apply ibd traditional gels for nail extensions and overlays. We are the nail people!

Class includes

Power Bond

LED/UV Builder Gel Kit


LED/Shine Cleanser 

File Pack

Intense Seal



Need to bring 

Gel brush

Led lamp

Extension cord

Table towels 

Table lamp

Please come with one hand free to work on.

Educator; Nikki Payton

Price $75.00

For registration contact; 

Deborah Vallejo at  d-vallejo@aiibeauty.com  or

323-728-2999 ext 210

CND Master Painter

Tanya Sisson

9 am

Master the art of color. Discover how to identify clients’ needs and recommend the best color coating dependent on nail type, lifestyle and style preference. Learn perfect polish application, proper removal and how to enhance speed with proven techniques using SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Color and VINYLUX® Weekly Polish.

8 hours
Attendee Required Materials: 
Table setup (table lamp, implements, towels), one hand with natural nails

Product Provided: 
SHELLAC® Trial Pack and CND® LED Lamp (based on availability the CND® UV Lamp will be substituted)

Course Fee: 

Class Rewards: 
CND® Logo Item*
CND® Curette*
Master Painter Certificate
Listing on cnd.com Salon Locator as SHELLAC® Brand Master and SHELLAC® Brand Certified Pro**

SHELLAC® Brand Certified Pro Benefits:  
Listing on cnd.com Salon Locator as a SHELLAC® Brand Certified Pro
Welcome Kit with FREE business-building tools
FREE quarterly merchandising materials

*While supplies last. **You must be a licensed Salon Professional to be SHELLAC® Brand Certified and to receive CND Master Painter recognition.SHELLAC® Brand Certified Pro status is good for three years from the date of participation in a CND qualifying event.

Please call the store to register!
1-800-452-2620 held at Eugene 
Beauty  Salem location


Light Elegance 

May 2, 8:30am – 5:00pm

LE 101 :: The Light Elegance Total Tour The Light Elegance Total Tour is an introductory class that will first take you through the whole product line using the Light Elegance Catalog. You won’t just see the products, you will learn when to use them, in what combination and why. You’ll also talk about the intricate chemistry of several products so you will know exactly what to do as a quality nail professional. You must explain the tools of your trade and must know how to use them perfectly and professionally. LE 301 :: Let's Get Colorful and Play Fast, fun and simple is the name of the game if your looking to increase the value of your art services, and the simple designs taught in this LE 301 elective. You’ll get an introduction to the amazing LE Gel Paints and, of course, learn some tricks with LE Glitter Gels and Color Gels. This class is designed to have your clients walking out with the latest, flashiest, most attractive nail art. The Educator will maximize the fun, be creative and show the trendiest designs for you to “wow” your clients. Educator :: Tina Heinl Class Time :: 8:30am – 5:00pm Lunch included. Class Cost :: $125.00 

Contact :: Light Elegance @ 1.800.275.5596 to reserve your spot today